The Air Group Story

As a family owned business, we do more than serve customers. We take care of the comfort and safety of our friends, family and neighbors. Air Group has become NJ’s premiere full service, heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) company. We provide personalized solutions – both residential and commercial – for every heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality application. Your comfort is an important responsibility, and this is a job we take seriously… for over 50 years!

The Air Group Journey


Patrick Conforti, Sr. and John A. Conforti begin Comfort Conditioning out of their garage with $500 of start-up money.


Comfort Conditioning outgrows their backyard warehouse and rents out a converted gas station in Whippany, NJ for $75 a month. They also hire their first employee – Carl Higgins.


Air Group continues to expand and moves to a 4,000 sq. ft. space in East Hanover, NJ.


Local HVAC company C. J. Higgins joins Comfort Conditioning, creating a stronger presence in Northern New Jersey.


Comfort Conditioning merges with Polar Air to form Air Group under fierce competition from utility companies.


C. Z. Zacharella joins Air Group, bringing 25 years of expertise with them.


Air Group grows to over 100 employees and moves to their current 75,000 sq. ft. building that is located in Whippany, NJ.


Local competitor, Fritze Heating & Cooling, goes out of business and Air Group hires many of their employees – bringing in more expertise to Air Group.


Air Group partners with Pure Air from East Hanover, NJ, who brings in a number of fantastic employees that still remain today.


A. D. Runyon Co. of Millington joins Air Group, fueling the company’s growth.


Air Group continues to expand its service to a greater amount of customers by acquiring McDowell’s Heating & Cooling of Scotch Plains, NJ.


S. Cappello & Son of Paterson merges with Air Group, which enables the company to further strengthen its presence in Northern New Jersey.


Air Group acquires Ketzenberg & Org. This expands service coverage further south to be able to provide for more customers in New Jersey.


Astro Heating & Cooling joins Air Group.


Air Group celebrates its 50 year anniversary.